CorteCorbo Irpinia-Wines: Tour of the Vineyards- Cooking Class- Wine Tasting


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Availability: Every Saturday and Sunday


-35 € for guys up to 18 years of age 

Discover the amazing wines of CorteCorbo while walking through the wonderful vineyards and cantina with the guidance of a real irpinian wine-maker. You will hear about the origin of all irpinian wines, but also the story of a small family wine-business with a long tradition. It is possible to add on to your trip a cooking class too. You can learn how to make and cook pizza in an old wood oven or how to cook hand-made irpinian pasta. Learning while having fun is mandatory. Relax with a typical long countryside lunch, while tasting six different kinds of wine from Cortecorbo winery. You will learn about the Taurasi docg, the wine-diamond of the south. It is a red wine that has a minimum aging of five years, but after decades it improves its qualities. Either way, you will enjoy a meal in which local dishes are selected in order to celebrate the characteristics of our beautiful wines. Hospitality, unique products and happiness are the ingredients necessary to offer an unforgettable experience….. come to share wine, nature and stories are the ingredients in order to share unique moments with the right people….         (we speak English fluently as well).


1) Guided tour of the Cortecorbo vineyards: we offer a sensorial and historical immersion in which you will receive information in order to learn the ancient origins of Irpinian wines, and the importance of Taurasi docg (the most celebrated red wine in the south of Italy) and the story of the Cortecorbo family.

2) Guided tour of Cantina: discover how wine is made through the words of a real wine-maker in a suggestive atmosphere. You can also taste the various wine harvests in order to understand the effects of the different aging wood barrels.

3) Cooking class: learn how to make pizza and “Maccaronara” (typical irpinian hand-made pasta). While having fun you can learn the ancient art of hand-made pasta and pizza. Pizza will be cooked in a wood oven in order to taste the result of the cooking class.

4) Wine tasting and countryside lunch: The most important irpinian wines from Cortecorbo winery will be tasted during the lunch: Three red wines (Taurasi docg 2016, Aglianico doc 2017, Campi Taurasini doc 2016). Three White wines (Fiano di Avellino docg 2020, Greco di Tufo docg 2020, Coda di volpe doc 2019). Food: hand-made pizza / two different types of hand-made pasta/ local cheese and salami/ local meat/ dessert.


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