The labels are based on a painting by Katie, representing the beautiful landscape visible from our winery. From here you can see the village of Castelfranci in its most evocative viewpoint.

The project of the new label started in April 2023. We wanted a design to tell our story, an image that could show the beauty of Irpinia.

Katie visited our winery in September 2022. She immediately fell in love with the landscape, so she decided to spend the day on the second floor’s balcony to paint it. I remember that after serving our wines to the other guests for the tasting, I climbed to the second floor to let her taste them too.

That day Katie did not complete the painting. She decided to participate with Brian in our adoption program. A year after their visit, in August 2023, I asked Katie and Brian to send me the design for the custom bottles as part of the adoption. She had meanwhile completed the painting and wanted it to be used as a label for her wines. When we saw it, we immediately fell in love with the beauty of her work. The project we had started in April had continued but despite several drafts we had not still found quite the one. At least until we saw Katie’s.

In October 2023 Katie came back to visit us and we handed her the bottles with her own label. We have very fond memories of that day, since she also decided to gift us the original version of the painting. From that moment on, we had no doubts. As she gave us permission to use it, the project went ahead smoothly.

As you can see, the painting is used on all our bottles. We have kept the original colours that distinguished the different wines, to define  continuity with the labels of the past. We are happy because wherever in the world people will taste our wines, those who look at our bottles will be able to relive memories of visiting the winery or imagine the beautiful landscape of Castelfranci, dreaming of coming to visit us in person.

Now our wines are truly a work of art….

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